Top 5 Best Albums of All Time

I don’t want to boast about my vast knowledge and understanding of popular music, so I’ll cut the introduction short.

I have a weekly column in Hoop magazine where I review music. Last week I decided I’d let the readers know what albums have influenced me, not just as a writer and a musician (, but as a person. These are the albums that have really changed the way I think — albums that have defined me. Some of these albums are old and some of them are new, but they all have one thing in common: they all have a very special place in my heart. Continue reading »

Top 5 Songs of 2009

1. Love Train – Varga

Simply the best song of the decade. I think I summed this one up best in my weekly column in Hoop magazine:

“As we stood there in the O’Tasimo Arena, Luxembourg, waiting for Varga to take to the stage, my hands shook. Varga was late, but as I glanced down at my watch for what must’ve been the 20th time, a new age wind blew restlessly through the building. When it had died down a piercing guitar riff silenced the excitable audience. We all knew what this was. Each note demanding to be heard, a spotlight fell on the guitarist. It was Varga. He was wearing his signature vest and levitating orb; his legs engulfed by a river of toxic love…

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