The marriage between recession and tormenting rhetoric directed aimlessly towards minority groups is a beautiful one. While I love The X Factor for bringing shameless, good old-fashioned bullying back to the masses, I really have to put my hands together for Channel 4 and their commissioning of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Evidentially no creativity was spared when they masterfully re-appropriated a pre-existing title to ridicule gypsies. How proud writer and actress Nia Vardalos must be to know that she’s indirectly responsible for television gold. The genius, however, doesn’t stop there, for Channel 4’s advertising campaign for the second series of their traveller lampooning documentary series is perhaps their finest achievement.

Currently, every billboard in my surrounding area is devoted to pissing on the fucking gypsies. They feature gypsy children looking towards the camera accompanied by the words: “BIGGER. FATTER. GYPSIER.” It’s a slogan that was doubtless conceived during an extended Channel 4 coke bender, and which they morally justified to themselves with the sentence, “Well, it’s not racist, they’re gypsies!”

Too right. It’s like us racists have finally got something to work with. It would seem that this is the dawning of a golden age of racism, a return to the glory days of the 1970s. Finally, after years of progressive thinking, simple people like myself can laugh, once again, at minority groups. And us simple, white British folk have Channel 4 to thank for that.

Channel 4 responded via Twitter to criticism towards their ad campaign by saying: “Everyone featured in the posters has seen them and is happy with them. Parental consent was given for the poster campaign.”

To some this statement will likely sound like the words of a confused pimp, pathetically attempting to justify his unsavoury career and treatment of women, but that’s not the case. To their minds, gypsies are obviously far more deserving of ridicule than prostitutes.

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