I Love Arthur

Google Chrome has stopped fulfilling its primary function. A perpetually spinning wheel of disappointment has been set into motion, indicating that Google Chrome is “Resolving Host”, though I’m suspicious. Nothing has happened for sometime now; I think I’m being lied to.

Last week and this week haven’t been great. On top of the Google Chrome dilemma, work is slim and my house is cold. Also, I find the reappearance of that Coco Pops advert with the dancing milkmen particularly maddening as well. You might recognise it – it’s the one where animated milkmen dance a lovely little chocolate inspired jig whilst Snap’s “I’ve Got the Power” plays. The animation is fine, but I’m almost certain that it wasn’t originally animated to this song, but was instead clumsily synced up after someone awful decided it had to be edgier. Snap, I guess, seemed like an obvious choice.

On a small positive note, I did just laugh out loud at a Just For Men ad in which a man’s daughter suggests to her dad that dyeing his hair might better his job prospects.

“Darling, I think I’m going to need… New ties! Hahaha,” says the man gleefully upon returning from his job interview, now sporting a freshly gaffer tapped muskrat on his head.

I like to take solace in the small things in life, so I’m making the most of that advert. I’ve safely stored the hilarious image of that man’s ridiculous hair and his daughter’s unfathomably concerned face in my memory banks so I can remember it when I’m depressed and staring at a little spinning wheel that promises me that its “Resolving Host”, but never does.

After a week of disappointment and dreariness, I need great things like that. I’ve actually found that watching the PBS kids cartoon Arthur has helped quite a lot. In fact, I’ve developed quite a hankering for it in the past few days. It’s just utterly delightful – even more so, for instance, than experiencing the sensational feeling of having warm water gently trickle out of you ear after a swim or watching Danny Dyer getting repeatedly punched in the nuts by a boxing glove-wearing kangaroo.

Based on the Arthur book series by Marc Brown, the series revolves around the life of an eight year-old, anthropomorphic aardvark named Arthur Reed. He lives in Elwood city with his family – his mother and father and two sisters, D.W. and Kate – and attends the local elementary school with his friends and classmates. Each episode deals with the day-to-day problems that all eight year-olds have to confront, by incorporating intelligence, wit, humour and an important moral message. It’s lovely.

I used to watch Arthur when it originally aired on the BBC, and I think it’s just as excellent today as it was then. For the past few days, I’ve been staring at my TV screen, and with a smile stretched across my face, for a brief moment, I do believe I experienced what happiness really is. I could have cried. The friendships, the love, the overall feeling of having learnt something – it was beautiful.

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