Richard Nixon

I was in Debenhams earlier today, when I came across a framed poster of Richard Nixon, which surprised me. I had no idea Nixon was framed poster material. It didn’t appear to be at all ironic. In fact, it seemed to be portraying Nixon as an iconic, heroic figure.

Who would buy that? Is it aimed at the kind of people who hang framed photographs of Manhattan on their walls? Middle-aged bachelors? Nixon fans?! Do they exist?

“I love America me. I’ve always wanted to go there – Elvis, Hollywood, the Statue of Liberty… Nixon. Man, that guy was living the American dream. He wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in. He’s like a jowly Martin Luther King or Bono.”

This poster’s got me thinking, perhaps 2010 is the year for a Richard Nixon comeback. Let’s bring Nixon back in a completely non-ironic way. I want Urban Outfitters to start selling Richard Nixon t-shirts with “Rock ‘n’ Roll” printed on the front, for some reason. Richard Nixon could be the 21st century Che Guevara! Students will worship him, not for his actions, but for his image on a cheaply made t-shirt.

I will not rest until I see someone wearing this t-shirt:

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